Services & Fees
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As an accredited Counselling Therapist I specialise in the following services:

  • Individual and Family Counselling
  • Couple’s and Relationship Counselling
  • Parental Guidance
  • Teenage Counselling
  • Employee Wellness
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Life skills and Life coaching
Fees couples therapy
Fees individual therapy
Anonymous Patient

Individual Therapy

In therapy, a safe, non-judgmental, non-threatening and confidential environment is created where feelings and experiences can be expressed and discussed. This process guides you towards gaining a better perspective of yourself. Often it is a re-alignment or greater awareness of your authentic self. You receive support to deal with past issues and free yourself from agonising negative driving forces in your life such as fear, pity, guilt, bitterness, resentment, blame and anger. Identifying the relationship between thoughts, feelings and reactions leads to a greater self-awareness. You are assisted in taking responsibility, recognising the consequences of decisions and actions, accepting, and identifying feelings and moods. You may become aware of a new joyful energy and an increase in positive and uplifting thoughts.

​Couples’ Therapy

We sometimes feel so trapped in our relationships with our partners, that we are unable to see the solution to our problems. We get hurt, feel misunderstood, not appreciated, not heard and build walls around us. Ultimately, we become very lonely in our relationship with our partner. Couples’ counselling can provide a greater awareness of how you come across, assist you move towards a better mutual understanding and make adjustments to your recipe for the nurturing relationship you long for and wholeheartedly deserve. We ultimately choose one another to grow old together


Grieving is often the overwhelming feeling of loss with physical and emotional symptoms of pain and stress. Nothing can prepare the grieving person for this loss. Grieving progresses through stages and there is no fast-forward button. A grieving person should receive support and encouragement to express him/herself in therapy. Taking small steps, each passing day becomes a new accomplishment.


Trauma can severely impact your emotional consciousness. In therapy, we relive the traumatic incident and discuss coping strategies. We cannot afford to give the perpetrator or traumatic incident more of our lives than what has already been taken from us.


Therapy can assist the depressed person in various ways. It helps to ease the pain of depression and addresses the feeling of hopelessness. The pessimistic ideas, unrealistic expectations and overly critical self-evaluations are discussed. The depressed person is assisted in identifying which life problems are critical and which are minor. Problem solving is concentrated on those areas of life that create significant stress. Better coping skills are encouraged and relationship problems will be addressed.

Parental guidance

These days, children face very different demands from those faced by the previous generations. Parenthood involves a myriad of decisions and emotions: We want to give our children the best, want them to have opportunities and reach their full potential. We realize children need discipline and boundaries, but are not sure where to draw the line. We do not want to harm their independent spirits and exploring minds. We teach them to fly and need to trust our parenting when they want to spread their wings. As parents, we want to protect our children from getting hurt and find it hard to allow them to learn from their own mistakes. Parents often feel guilty when they think they could do more or acted differently. In therapy, you can receive support and guidance on coaching your child.

Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety is defined as a state of apprehension or fear resulting from the anticipation of real or imagined threat. Unresolved emotions are often pointed to as a possible trigger of panic attacks.
A panic attack always comes with the acute sense of impending doom. You feel that you are about to lose your mind or one of your vital bodily functions is about to cease functioning. Frequent panic attacks often develop into an anxiety disorder. One of the first steps to regaining control of your life is getting helpful information. In therapy, you will be assisted so that the panic you experience can be the key to your courage and success. You are enabled to eliminate your reactions to anxious thoughts. The fear you experience when “owned” and not “controlled by” is actually your best ally. The goal is to enable you to return to a richer and more meaningful life.

Employee Wellness for companies

Companies increasingly realise that a happy employee is a more productive employee and they are therefore implementing employee wellness programmes in the workplace to look after the emotional health of employees. The aim is to empower the employee with life skills to better manage personal challenges. This also has a significant effect on reducing the absenteeism of employees. The service offered to the employee is confidential, free of charge and voluntary.

Life skills and Life coaching

The Therapist or Life Coach is able to observe your life objectively and from a distance. The thinking behind this approach is similar to a professional sports coach who is able to identify minor adjustments required to improve the performance of a player. For the same reason the life coach/therapist is able to identify shortcomings in your life, assist you to emotionally de clutter and furnish you with the skills to enhance self actualisation.

Teenage counselling

I have been a school counsellor and vocational counsellor for many years.
The teenage years is a vulnerable time in a young person’s life. While getting to know themselves and where they belong, they face immense challenges. Counselling teens can assist them to find their own north star, to trust themselves and build their confidence. They are encouraged to guard their minds, accumulate wisdom and channel their energy in the appropriate directions.


Prolonged stress can have a devastating effect on the emotional and physical health of a person. We live in a broken world accompanied by ever-increasing change. This have a stressful effect on our lives. Stress is like quicksand, when we have to perform and be productive. The more we try to accomplish, the less we are able to. We realise we are unable to control or predict the future and our lives are spinning out of control. In Therapy, you are assisted to unpack the stress factors in your life, carefully observe it and find new ways in which to deal with it. You will discover that you do not have to control everything and are allowed to make mistakes.